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Until now, growers didn't have any quality alternatives for automated trimming.


All the large scale trimming machines operate under the same principle of either rolling, bouncing, or dragging your flowers across a rotating or oscillating blade that tends to remove more trichomes than leaf material. No trimmer manufacturer has ever adequately addressed the need for a trimmer that can accurately remove water leaves and stems while at the same time having the ability to volume trim the bulk of the flower.

Unlike any of the other trimmers, Speedee Trim™'s custom angled teeth at the blade tip allow you to get into the tight spots on your plants removing only what you want to take off while leaving the surrounding foliage intact providing you with a finished trim identical to that of scissors.  Also, the main body of the blade can be used for volume trimming the sides of the flower in a fraction of the time.  No other automated trimmer on the market at any price has the versatility and multiple manicuring functions as the Speedee Trim™.

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