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Stoner Magazine Review

The art of trimming is taken very seriously in our community. The time and money invested in getting our bud ready for sale is a long and vigorous process. The average trimmer, working a full day, finishes around two pounds per day. The demand for hand trimmed cannabis is at an all-time high in a connoisseur consumer market. Being involved in multiple grows over the past decade, I’ve seen about every way possible to trim a bud.

When a friend of mine turned me onto Speedee Trim’s hand held electric trimmer, I was skeptical at first because the thought of a machine touching my buds is not something I would normally want to happen. But this trimmer is insanely gentle and has doubled or tripled my productivity.

Here’s a testimonial from a local outdoor grower in Murphy, Oregon:

“Good fortunes come in many forms. One of my 2016 blessings was getting my hooks into a product called Speedee Trim. When I purchased this hand trimmer I was skeptical as to the worthiness of its capabilities, considering I am an old-school type of grower. My successful season forced me into borrowing a Trimbros from a brother as well. What I was soon to learn is this hand trimmer was capable of outperforming the $5000 unit when it was used properly! Once I learned how to handle it, I was finally trimming multiple pounds per day. While handling my buds one time, all while trimming the minimal amount of leaf and stem and still finishing with a high-quality job, with no damage to the bud. There are no scissors or machines that can match its performance and intricacy. I used it to the point of abuse and it still functions perfectly. I simply dipped the blades in the alcohol bottle every half hour of use and that was it. No dulling, no dismantling, no sore hands or fingers, no hiccups. Just simple performance. I was truly surprised and amazed. It’s actually fun to use. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made for processing pot. It also works for live leafing in the field, incredibly well. It’s similar to a hair cutting clipper, so in other words you can style your buds for each application or retailer. This thing has paid for itself repeatedly, with years of use still left in it. I can only imagine what multiple trimmers could do to a crop using these. Scissors are a thing of the past for me. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Enjoy modern trimming like never before. I most certainly am.”

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