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This Selection comes with:

-one Cordless Motor with Removable Battery and Charger

- one "dry trim" P2™ Blade

- one Blade Scrubber Box


Cordless Speedee Trim™ features a lithium ion battery offering 80 minutes of run time for a 2 hour charge. Charges from a standard 120VAC plug with additional battery/charger package available.


Trimmer Specs Weight: 1.21 lbs

Charge Time: 2 hours from 120V AC outlet

Run Time: 80 minutes

Tooth Section length: 1 7/8”

Cordless Trimmer with P2™ Blade

  • Primarily for dry trimming, the P2™ was designed as an enhancement of the Piranha blade providing for 3 separate cutting functions.  Slightly thicker blade for increased durability and longer teeth with wider spacing for better reach make it more effective and versatile than the previous version.  The concave tooth configuration from the base allows for more effective volume trimming as it syncs to the natural contour of the flower.  Longer teeth at the tip allow for increased precision when spot trimming just as scissors would do.  Additionally, the gap between the base teeth and the tip allow for small stem cutting up to about 1/8".

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